5% Off Your Annual Lawn Care Service When You Prepay*

If you’re a current customer, look for a letter outlining our prepay program.
Call us at 334.466.0600 or login to our Customer Portal to save 5% on your 2024 service.
5% Off

Nobody knows what your lawn needs like these guys.

Our team of experienced lawn care professionals understands that every property has unique needs and challenges. We take pride in offering exceptional services to keep your outdoor space looking its best year-round. For a limited time only, we are excited to offer our valued customers 5% off their annual lawn care service when they prepay.

This special promotion is designed with both your budget and convenience in mind. By opting for our prepayment option, you not only guarantee yourself top-notch lawn care at a discounted rate but also eliminate the hassle of monthly payments or invoice reminders throughout the year.

Let Southern Lawns help you achieve and maintain a lush green lawn while saving you money on your annual prepaid lawn care services! Call us at 334.466.0600 or log into our Customer Portal to save 5% on your 2024 lawn care service.