Fire Ant Control

Of the wide variety of different sizes and varieties of fire ants, many are dangerous. The nastiest live in large mounds, and a swarming colony of them can kill a full-grown adult. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to assess the threat because most varieties resemble each other and live in similar underground networks.

Smaller species are less dangerous, so it’s tempting to take them on yourself with over-the-counter pesticides. This approach is risky, as you might poison the soil, killing your lawn along with the ants.

Established fire ant colonies of any kind are extremely difficult to handle safely without professional assistance. Please contact us immediately if you discover a large fire ant mound on your property.

Although they can’t be permanently eliminated from a given area, our methods can help control them. Each application of our treatment lasts for a calendar year. Available during the active season without enrollment in a lawn care program.


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