Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care

Mild winters are one of our region’s most attractive features… if you’re a person. Those conditions have a very different meaning for our ornamental trees and shrubs, though. If temperatures don’t drop, harmful insects can survive the season by taking shelter within the very trees and shrubs they aim to destroy, emerging in spring perfectly positioned to cause serious damage. Here are the preventative services that we provide.


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Tree & Shrub Oil Sprays

These treatments are done twice per year, in spring and fall, to help protect your trees and shrubs from various scale and scale-type insects.

Insect Sprays

These sprays target insects that prey on ornamental shrubs, trees and annual plants. Additional treatments can be applied as needed.

Shrub Fertilization

A sustained-release granular fertilizer that lasts a full growing season is applied to each plant once per year, in the spring.

Ornamental Disease Control

This series of four treatments (two to four weeks apart) helps to control leaf spot disease and powdery mildew fungus.