Brush Control

If we forget to manage brush, it has a way of sneaking up on us. Several years of neglect can make it very difficult to control. A preventive approach helps to keep undesirable trees and other woody plants at bay.

The Southern Lawns program is designed for open woodland and natural areas that may harbor hard-to-control weeds such as poison ivy and greenbriar.

There are a few reasons why our brush control is effective:

  • We spray after full leaf expansion so the herbicide is fully absorbed by the brush. Treating too early might burn off the new growing buds, but the root systems of the plants will still be alive.
  • Since coverage is extremely important, we spray on all sides of any affected area.
  • If target brush plants have been repeatedly mowed over several years, we allow time for regrowth and then follow up with additional herbicide applications.

With so many lawn care chores to keep up with, it’s rare that brush becomes anyone’s top priority. With Southern Lawns’ program, you can cross brush control off your list.