Preparing Your Garden for Spring

February 2, 2021

There’s nothing that helps shake off the winter blues like getting outside (during the warmer parts of the day) and putting in some work to get ready for spring. It’s time to shake out your apron, dust off your tools, and try to remember where you put your gloves. Here are some tasks you can take on as winter winds down.

Start This Year’s Compost Pile

You may have already established a dedicated space for compost. If not, you can create one using scrap wood (tidying up your space as a side benefit). If you don’t happen to have any, the materials are available at any garden store or online. Then start layering the leaves you raked up back in the fall with any foliage and food remnants you’ve collected to get your 2021 compost under way.

Collect Rainwater

Now is also a good time to distribute watering cans, rain barrels, and other containers that you don’t already have in place around your yard to save rainwater. Unless you have a well, the water you use on your lawn and garden is the same water that comes out of your faucets, which is a little towards the alkaline side of the pH scale. By contrast, rainwater tends to be slightly acidic, and some plants prefer it. Collecting water also saves you money and benefits the environment.

Check for Early-Arriving Garden Threats

Keep your eyes open for aphids, slugs, snails and weevils yawning and stretching as they wake. Churning the top layer of your soil will give you a sense of what you’re up against and a chance to deal with pests before they can do much harm.

Assemble Seeds for Spring and Summer

If you’re like most gardeners, ideas for new additions to your garden pop into your head on a regular basis. If you haven’t been jotting down those thoughts as they arrive, now is a good time to collect them and start purchasing so you’ll have everything you need when you’re ready to plant.

If you start working on these tasks now, you’ll greet spring with fresh, nutrient-rich compost, plenty of water, and supportive soil that’s easy to grow from. Also want a thick, lush, green lawn in 2021? Our lawn treatment programs can help with weed control and fertilization to achieve your dream lawn! Get a free quote any time!