July 10, 2023

One reason that Southern Lawns customers invest so much time and effort in their lawns is their love of spending time outdoors. Since one of their favorite pastimes is gardening, we’ve put together this short list of tips to help you create and sustain a successful garden through our hottest season. Stay tuned for part two next month.

Mulch: One of the best ways to support the health of your garden is a layer of mulch. The specific type doesn’t matter – any organic material that breaks down will work, from wood chips to pine straw to shredded leaves. All share the important qualities of providing nutrition while shielding soil from direct sunlight that will dry it out. For best results, this layer should be about two inches deep.

Weed: Take a hot Southern summer, add rainfall, and the result is a festival of weeds that grow with surprising speed. In the process they’re consuming moisture and nutrients that could be nourishing the plants you actually want. Pulling weeds early and often will save you work in the long run; if you remove them before they can go to seed, you’ll prevent thousands of future weeds in your yard and beyond. (Mulch also discourages weeds.)

Water: In general, garden plants require about the same amount of water as your lawn, about one inch per week. Under especially dry conditions, you may need to supply more, being careful not to overwater. Other best practices also apply to both lawns and gardens. For example, it’s best to water deeply and less frequently to encourage root growth. Drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses are both excellent ways to both control the rate of flow and ensure that water soaks into the soil rather than covering foliage.

Southern Lawns specializes in turf care, but what we know about grass can also help with your gardening. If you have questions about caring for your lawn or your plants, we’re here to help.