Transform Your Lawn This Spring

May 5, 2023

You’ve helped your yard through the potentially tricky transition from winter to spring. Now’s the time to consolidate your efforts and build on what you’ve already done. When you partner with a lawn care company, they can handle the big-picture jobs like applying fertilizers and pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. Here are a few of the tasks that you can take on to help your grass reach its full potential this year.

Remove and replace dead and dying plants

By now you’ve had a chance to remove any unfortunate plants that didn’t survive the winter months. Now’s the time to decide whether you want to try those types again or experiment with some new plants. A surprisingly large number of new ornamental varieties appear every year, so there are always plenty to choose from. Now is also the best time to prune ornamental trees and shrubs to maximize healthy new growth. 

Prune and clear debris

You’re well into the process of pruning your ornamental trees and shrubs to maximize healthy new growth. It’s important to collect those limbs as you go. Anything lying on top of your lawn will reduce the amount of sun and water that gets through. And that’s not all – harmful insects and funguses love to take shelter under any type of cover.

Fill in areas where standing water collects

If puddles keep forming in the same spots on your lawn, you’ll want to level the ground by adding some topsoil. Since you’ll be burying any grass in those areas, you may decide to reseed or install some sod there.  

Mosquitoes love lawns with drainage problems. Eliminating these pools means these disease-carrying pests won’t be laying eggs all over your property. As a bonus, any water that previously would have pooled will now be distributed and absorbed across a wider area.

Fill in bare patches

Reseeding, sod, or grass plugs are also solutions to spots on your lawn where grass isn’t growing for other reasons. Regardless of your chosen approach, keep a close eye on these spaces for five or six weeks following your intervention to make sure it’s working.

Southern Lawns can help you to address many problems with your lawn. We offer weed control, lawn fertilization, pesticide applications, and much more. If you have questions about any topic related to lawn care, we’re here to help.