Why We Fertilize Trees & Shrubs Only Once a Year

April 2, 2020

Ornamental trees and shrubs need nutrients throughout the year. So, you might be wondering why we fertilize them only once a year in the spring. 

The answer is Polyon, the high-quality granular fertilizer that we use. Polyon is specially designed to be control-released, meaning nutrients are not delivered all at once in one big dose. Instead, Polyon is activated by soil temperature. It releases more nutrients when the soil is warmer, and fewer nutrients when the soil is colder – exactly what ornamental trees and shrubs need.

Our fertilizer works with the seasonal needs of your ornamental trees and shrubs.

Spring marks the start of the active growing season. As your trees and shrubs come out of winter dormancy, they need more nutrients to grow strong and healthy. And that need increases throughout spring and summer. At the same time, soil temperatures are increasing, which stimulates Polyon to deliver more nutrients.

During fall and winter, trees and shrubs feed less heavily. And because soil temperatures are also lower, Polyon releases smaller doses of nutrients. The result is perfectly timed and balanced fertilization. 

Healthy, well-fed trees and shrubs is not the only benefit of the fertilizer we use. It also allows us to:

  • Reduce nutrient runoff. Excess nutrients from fertilizers can run off into water, including the water we drink. Because Polyon releases controlled amounts, there is less runoff.
  • Keep costs down for our customers. Since we need to apply this only once a year, we save on labor, which lowers the cost for our customers.

We consider that a win across the board – for us, for you, and for your trees and shrubs. Check out more about our program for meeting the special needs of ornamentals in the South.