Lawn Aeration 101

March 3, 2020

You may have heard the term “aeration” in discussions about lawn care. Maybe you have even had your lawn aerated at one time or another but are still not quite sure about the benefits it provides. Aeration is one of our beneficial service offerings, and it can help to make your lawn treatments more effective. 

You don’t need to aerate every lawn, but Bermuda and Zoysia definitely benefit from yearly core aeration in the spring to help minimize soil compaction and enhance nutrient flow, so your lawn can “breathe” better. 

infographic explaining the benefits of aeration

It’s important to remember that core aeration is far more beneficial than using spikes. The hollow tines that we use to aerate remove plugs of soil to reduce compaction. Left to decompose on the lawn, these plugs return vital nutrients to the soil, further benefiting your turf.